ABC Green Lights "Charlie's Angles" Pilot

This link from Entertainment Weekly talks about how ABC has giving a green light to produce a pilot episode of Charlie’s Angles. Will you watch it?

Link to EW: Charlie’s Angles Pilot

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Off The Map: An ABC series premiere. [Video]

This one kinda snuck underneath the radar for me, did it for you? From what I can tell about this teaser trailer, it looks like that there a bunch of doctors on an island, helping out with people that get infected, injured, or hurt. Where’s Jack and Lock in all of this?

Watch it here:
Off the Map

It premiered January 12th on ABC @ 10:00pm.

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From EW: ABC and Superheroes?

Here’s a neat little article from Entertainment weekly about ABC and Marvel teaming up to do some superhero stuff for TV. So do we want more Heroes on ABC and on our TVs?

ABC wants ‘Incredible Hulk’ ratings smash

Picture credit to Marvel.

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