The Cape: Premiere Review [Clif]

This doesn’t contain any spoilers.

I sat down at the movie theater a while ago and like you guys, I saw that NBC was advertising a new show called The Cape.

Now, every single time, I struggled through that ad teaser, it came off to me as something that I just wasn’t interested in. A circus of bandits, a hero being made into a crime fighter, with a capeā€¦. really? Come on NBC!

I put it back in the recesses of my mind, long to be forgotten, that is until yesterday. I go to my usually round of websites, Hulu being one of them and found that The Cape was up on the main page. NBC Universal probably spent some big bucks on their first episode, so I said to myself, why not? Exercise and watching a TV show, two things at once.

So there I clicked. From the moment it started, to the moment it ended, it was a really fun ride with a lot of potential.

It moves fast, characters are memorable, and I’m glad to see Keith David pop up on screen. I was also surprised to see Vinnie Jones who i’m a big fan of in Lock, Stock, and Two smoking Barrels, and Snatch.

There’s lots of action, memorable sobbing moments, and a quick pace of fun action with some witty dialog. The only downside of The Cape is that it may move just a bit too fast. A hero is born, he learns all his skills from a circus full of bandits in like five minutes of show, a super villain is establish, and our hero Vince Faraday played by David Lyons moves from scene to scene and even takes a little help from a techie girl Orwell, played by Summer Glau.

I get it that shows today are on such a tight wire, that you’ll need to cram in a lot of story in order to keep us entertained, but this is what might lead to The Cape’s unbelievability. But on the plus side, that’s what you’re getting into. It’ll keep you in your seat, but not on the edge, and if you let go of the “everything has to represent the real world” mentality, then you’ll be happy. The Cape is fun but it doesn’t leave you wanting more. It could have been the great Two hour made-for-TV movie and that would have satisfied enough.

I’ll be interested to see if The Cape does well with the superhero audience. With NBC ending heroes, Maybe they’re trying to keep the Superhero audience before ABC and Disney begin producing their own Superhero shows on their own. So if you like superheroes shows, you’ll like this one too. But if you’re just looking for a fun ride, i’d say check it out, but don’t count on it for the long haul.


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The Cape

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