Game of Thrones Podcast: Ep. 1.1 “The North Remembers” & “The Night Lands”

On the pilot episode of Jay and Jack’s new Game of Thrones Podcast, Jay & Jack discuss the Season 2 episodes “The North Remembers” & “The Night Lands”.

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  1. JohnWilliams says:

    Just finished listening to this 28 minute podcast “tour de force”.

    Yikes. Two episodes in 28 minutes? Really?

    Jay, you might want to do this podcast with someone other than Jack. He’s not exactly up to speed on the material. That’s putting it nicely. I love Jack…. but just not HERE with this material. How about Colleen?

    • williamsmalls says:

      Hey great start to the GoTcast.

      I would say that it might be good to look at the wiki here , just to get idea
      of the names of characters because it can be confusing. I watch the show, and listened to first 5 books on audio (great narration by Royce) but found I would easily get confused between Tyrell, Tulley, and certain pronounciations but if you see it in writing it can help you get idea of the lingo /argot. for
      Jack instead of thinking of all of them as Lords, perhaps think of them as their nom de guerres such ex. Lord Pytar, instead of Peter Balish,littlefinger. Also sometimes when trying to remember lesser characters,I find easier to remember the characters house/sigil /castle-Stark/wolves/winterfell lord whosit is a Wolf, Tulley, Fish/RiverRun than name. That might help you as well

      As far as your crack pot theory Jack, I don’t impression was the use of word “brother” was that Maser Crassen had been a “Black brother,man of the wall and joined the wildlings…thus “separate path/traitor” but we shall see.
      Thanks for the reflections.
      P.S regard the Iron Ilse regardless if Grayjoy knew that was his sister Asher, she knew who he was..certainly, and prob did so to show him up to their father .ie “he so much a Stark wolf, he forgotten his on kin.

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