About the Podcasts


A little information about each of the podcasts featured on the Jay and Jack PLUS feed.

  • Jay & Jack’s Ramblecast  Jay & Jack’s Ramblecast began in July 2006 as a way for Jay and Jack to continue doing their trademark rambling during the LOST Season 2 hiatus.  The podcast billed as “anything else we want to talk about” can cover anything.  Every week, there’s weird news, the world famous Vs., and The Five.
  • Jay and Jack TV Jay and Jack TV began in December 2010 to launch the PLUS feed.  Forged out of their love for TV, this podcast was created to help fill the wide void left by the LOST finale in May 2010.  Jay and Jack TV is on during the regular television season and it covers a broad variety of television shows in every genre – from cartoons to dramas and everything in between – that vary each week depending on what they feel is worth mentioning.
  • The Married Man Show The Married Man Show debuted on 7/7/07 and marked the podcast introduction of the not-so-lucky Dale aka Warm Taffy.  The Married Man Show is your place to go for advice on marriage, dating, relationships, and life in general.  Please note this is an explicit podcast.  F bombs will fly and ants will meet their maker in a fiery death.
  • Breaking Bad with Jay and Jack The Breaking Bad Podcast is a limited, exclusive podcast that covers the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad as they air on AMC from August 2013 through October 2013.  Episodes of this podcast will only available in the back catalog for a limited time after Breaking Bad finishes airing, so be sure to subscribe today so you don’t miss out.
  • The Rant Cast The Rant Cast began in October 2011 and is released once a month.  It is hosted by Jack and Dale, with the occasional appearance by Jay.  Listeners are encouraged to call the Rant Cast line to rant about something that’s bothering them.  The calls are played and listeners vote through the Facebook group for the winner every month.  The winner wins 3 free months of Jay and Jack PLUS.
  • The Downton Abbey Podcast The Downton Abbey Podcast began in August 2012.  Hosted by Jack and his wife Cyndi, this podcast recaps and discusses Downton Abbey, starting from the pilot.  Once Downton Abbey begins airing in America, this podcast will also cover those episodes as they air.
  • The Firefly Podcast The Firefly Podcast discusses the cult 2002 series by Joss Whedon.  It is hosted by Jay and Jack.  All episodes covering the Firefly series have currently been released.  The podcast about the movie Serenity will be released sometime in Fall/Winter 2012.
  • The Game of Thrones Podcast  The Game of Thrones Podcast began in the spring of 2012 to coincide with the second season of Game of Thrones.  New podcasts will be produced while Game of Thrones is airing.  The discussion for new episodes of Game of Thrones will be a part of Jay and Jack TV.  The Game of Thrones Podcast will recap and discuss each episode.  It is hosted by Jay and Jack.
  • The Fringe Podcast The Fringe Podcast began in the summer of 2011 and ended after the Fringe season finale in February 2013.  It was the first podcast on Jay and Jack PLUS that was created after the listeners’ voted for it.  It used to be hosted by Jay and Jack, but this season, it will be hosted by Jack and Jay’s wife, Colleen.  The Fringe Podcast will delve into the nitty gritty of each episode of Fringe’s last season.