Terra Nova: Cast Pictures and Neat stuff!

The Folks over at www.comingsoon.net have posted some cast pictures of the up coming Sci Fi Adventure series Terra Nova.

The humans on Earth in 2149 have discovered that our planet is nearly dead in the future, as a last ditch effort to save humanity, they’ve found a portal back to Jurassic Park. No… not the Film, but to a truly pre-historic earth.

Terra Nova will have a 2 hour premiere on Fox, May 23 and 24th. You can read up on it here:

Terra Nova at www.comingsoon.net

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Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 6.1 “Pilot 1 & 2″

On this 6th Season Premiere of The Lost Podcast: Jay and Jack begin their Lost Rewatch with the first two halves of the “Pilot”. They get into some great listener feedback. Jack gives a new Crackpot Theory of the Week, and they get ready for next weeks episode about “Tabula Rasa”, and “Walkabout”

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