Jay and Jack TV s1 ep16 "Wonder Woman… Really?"

Get the latest Jay and Jack TV episode here:

Jay and Jack TV s1 ep16 “Wonder Woman… Really?”

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FRINGE “The Firefly” Review from www.Daemondtv.com

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FRINGE “The Firefly” Review

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(A look at TV's Past) "The Andromeda Strain" [Video]

This was a neat little series that premiered in May of 2008. Was it a bad day to be human? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having a better day than these people.

Check out the trailer below:

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HBO's new Show: "Game of Thrones" [Video]

This is a neat trailer for HBO’s new show, Game of Thrones.

Also check out this article at: www.ComingSoon.net

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Off The Map: An ABC series premiere. [Video]

This one kinda snuck underneath the radar for me, did it for you? From what I can tell about this teaser trailer, it looks like that there a bunch of doctors on an island, helping out with people that get infected, injured, or hurt. Where’s Jack and Lock in all of this?

Watch it here:
Off the Map

It premiered January 12th on ABC @ 10:00pm.

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