Lost 1 Year Later:

Join Jay and Jack as we release special Never Before Seen Footage of our Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theater in LA. We’ll be releasing videos all week, so stick around and enjoy the show!

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  1. tony masso says:

    It is SO bizare to see you guys as stars in your own right!
    I can remember when I stumbled onto your show, after hearing a Transmission podcast and thinking who are these guys and where is the substance of your show?, feeling at the time, i will give it one listen and find something better. THAT did not happen, instead you became a mainstay in my LOST universe. I think of all the TV, of all the life that has taken place between Season two and now. I cannot thank you guys enough for all that you gave to me in making my LOST life better! So its fun to see the film clips from the finale party, and fun to see you as stars being recognized, being part of history of a great show.
    many thanks.

    tony m.

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