The Firefly Podcast: Ep 1.1 “Serenity (Pilot)”

On the debut of Jay and Jack’s podcast about everyone’s favorite cult TV show Firefly, Jay and Jack recap and discuss the pilot episode, “Serenity.”

If you don’t have the DVDs to follow along with the rewatch, you can watch the entire series of Firefly for free on Hulu at or streaming on Netflix.

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  1. Michelle H says:

    You guys were giving me fits at the beginning of the podcast! Fox aired a number of episodes out of order, not the least of which was airing Serenity, the true pilot, just before they cancelled the series. So yes, they did air it, albeit later than they should have. You “corrected” it when you read the Wikipedia entry, but the number of times you said that it was unaired was driving me crazy. There were 11 episodes with 3 that weren’t aired – Trash (Christina Hendricks’ second appearance), The Message and Heart of Gold – for a total of 14 episodes. I’m still wondering what the Fox executives were thinking by airing Serenity last. Shepherd Book’s backstory was continued in a comic book; I think it was a shame that it was never covered in the series. Absolutely fascinating. Yes, I’m a Browncoat. So sue me. 😉

    Oh, and Jewel Staite’s last name is pronounced “Stayt” (long a).

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