Goodbye, Yellow Brick Old Feed

Please log into to get the new feed! Once you get the new feed, you’ll have to enter it into iTunes. You can either use the button in the dashboard to subscribe to the feed OR:

  • IF YOU HAVE “OLD” iTUNES: Go to “Advanced” then “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter the feed that shows up on the dashboard once you log in. Then you’ll use your J&JTV Username and Password when prompted to.
  • IF YOU HAVE “NEW” iTUNES: Hit “Control B” to pull up the Menu Bar. Then, it’s “File” and “Subscribe to Podcast.” Enter the feed, your Jay and Jack TV log-in info (your own username and password) into iTunes.

We would like for this transition to be as smooth as possible, but realize that nothing is ever perfect, so if you have any problems at all, please e-mail Colleen at

If you want to join Jay and Jack PLUS, click here!

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