Ramblecast Ep. 4.16: “Hater”

On this week’s edition of Jay & Jack’s Ramblecast, Jay and Jack do a lot of rambling. There’s also weird news. Find out who won last week’s Vs. and what this week’s Vs. is.

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Game of Thrones Panel – Comic Con 2011

From Comic Con 2011, Jay and Jack TV brings you the panel from the Popular HBO series – Game of Thrones.

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Lost 1 Year Later:

Join Jay and Jack as we release special Never Before Seen Footage of our Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theater in LA. We’ll be releasing videos all week, so stick around and enjoy the show!

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Jay and Jack TV s1 ep16 "Wonder Woman… Really?"

Get the latest Jay and Jack TV episode here:

Jay and Jack TV s1 ep16 “Wonder Woman… Really?”

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(A look at TV's Past) "The Andromeda Strain" [Video]

This was a neat little series that premiered in May of 2008. Was it a bad day to be human? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having a better day than these people.

Check out the trailer below:

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